A Little History of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is by some considered purely a made up holiday by gift card companies and retailers. Believe it or not, Valentine's Day actually has a real history of it's beginnings! 

In 496AD, Pope Gelasius I deemed February 14th to be "Feast of St. Valentine", in honour of St. Valentine of Rome, the Saint for love and affection. He was a Bishop in Terni, Italy who married couples forbidden to love (usually by parents). He married them in his garden and gave them flowers from it as a gift.

In the 18th century, Chaucer wrote poems about Valentine's Day, and it became popular to consider this time of year one of love. People of all types began the practice of making cards and writing poetry to their loved ones on this day. 

This tradition was brought to the US as emigrants arrived from overseas in the 1830's, often used by sailors, who being away long at sea, would bring their loved ones sailor's valentines - a form of shellcraft, a sentimental gift made of seashells to be hung on the wall or placed on a dresser. In the late 18th C., cards filled with poems and prayers as tokens of love for their beloved.

So, now we see how this tradition began! Enjoy your Valentine's Day, and remember, you are first and foremost your OWN Valentine! Love yourself and treat yourself kindly!


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