Use the Quarantine To Clean Your Jewelry!

As we face this new decade with an unprecedented pandemic, many of us are quarantined in place. This is a great time to put your anxiety aside for an hour or two and go through your jewelry to organize and clean what you have!

Perhaps you have a daughter or granddaughter there with you, who may relish the idea of helping you....sparkling gems always attract the eye! Use a soft cloth and a light mixture of dishsoap and water for your gems. For plated items, I recommend Hagerty's liquid jewelry cleanser for SILVER jewelry. This will clean both silver and gold filled, gold plated and gold vermeil.

Save the Hagerty's fine jewelry cleanser for your 14 and 18k items. Be careful not to use any liquid products on pearls, opals or turquoise, as these natural items are very soft and can change color. Pearls should simply be rubbed lightly with a soft chamois if you must...wearing your pearls is actually the best thing you can do for them, as they absorb your natural body oils and it revvs up the shine of the natural nacre layer of the pearl! 

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